L'Oréal Paris celebrates 10 new Women of Worth honorees

L'Oreal Paris Women of Worth 2015 red carpet
L'Oreal Paris Women of Worth 2015 red carpet

L'Oréal Paris celebrated ten new Women of Worth honorees last night in a star-studded event in New York City. It wasn't just star-studded because they were joined by several of their celebrity spokeswomen like Karlie Kloss, Julianne Moore and Eva Longoria, but we're talking about some incredible women being recognized.

We had a chance to speak with Karlie Kloss, who looked dazzling in a white Rosie Assoulin Resort 2016 gown, about the women in her life. The one she looks up to the most in her life? "Honestly my Gram who passed away a few years ago," Karlie said. "I'm reminded of her every day and she sort of instilled values in my sisters and I, and instilled a way of thinking about others. She was incredibly caring and thoughtful and I think she really taught all of us that. She inspires me even still."

As a student, model, L'Oréal Spokesperson and so much more, Karlie has a million and one things going on in her life at any time. When we asked if she'd keep modeling forever or sees a career change in the future, she said "I would love to model for as long as L'Oreal will have me and I think that in this day and age, women can do it all."

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Click through below to see all the looks from the Women of Worth red carpet:

When a huge company like L'Oréal Paris uses its massive reach and influence to make the world a better and stronger place, we're all better for it. See below for the full list of last night's honorees, all of which received $10,000 towards their organization.

- Alison O'Neil – Created the Beauty Becomes You Foundation, which provides a variety of cosmetic hygiene services for senior citizens who aren't able to secure these services themselves.

- Catherine Curry-Williams – Founded Shane's Inspiration, a nonprofit inspired by her son who was born with spinal muscular atrophy and died at just two weeks old. Shane's Inspiration helps build fully accessible playgrounds worldwide.

- Elissa Davey – Established Garden of Innocence which provides unidentified children with respectful, heartfelt ceremonies and burials.

- Jaha Dukureh – Having experienced the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM), Dukureh founded Safe Hands for Girls, the only grassroots organization in the US working against FGM, providing at-risk girls a safe place to turn and educating communities about the dangers and consequences.

- Kathy Koenigsdorf – Created the Jake Koenigsdorf Foundation, which raises money for substance abusers who want help but can't afford it, after her son died from a heroin overdose at 21 years old.

- Maria Rose Belding – Started the MEANS (Matching Excess and Need for Stability) Database, which allows food pantries and kitchens to quickly coordinate exchanges of excess food items before they spoil.

- Melaney Smith – Founded Books for Keeps, an organization that works to improve children's reading achievement by addressing barriers related to the accessibility and appeal of reading material.

- Schinnell Leake – Launched Extra-Ordinary Birthdays to foster the feeling of confidence and self-worth that comes from putting a child in the spotlight for families living in shelters who would otherwise not have the means to celebrate.

- Suellen Fried – Created Reaching Out from Within, which sponsors self-help programs for inmates that enable them to become role models for non-violence while in correctional facilitates and productive family members and citizens upon return to their communities.

- Teri Kelsall – Created The Jonas Project – named after her son, a Navy SEAL who was killed in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan – which helps entrepreneurial veterans develop formal business plans, obtain advice from mentors and seek angel investors for start-up capital.

Plus, vote here to choose one of the honorees to receive an extra $25,000 for her cause!

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