Hollywood's most famous athletes-turned-actors


When it comes time to hang up their cleats, some professional athletes take their talents elsewhere – to Hollywood. Many have transitioned from the bright lights of stadiums to the bright lights of movie studios. And let's be real, some have done it better than others!

You may know him as Fezzik from "Princess Bride," but there's more to Andre the Giant than meets the eye. Did you know he had a famous feud with Hulk Hogan during his prolific wrestling career? Yes, the Hulk.

Speaking of the Hulk, before former body builder Lou Ferrigno became a household name as the original "Incredible Hulk," he starred in a 1975 documentary that also featured real-life rival Arnold Schwarzenegger.

With all the success these athletes-turned-actors have garnered, we wouldn't be surprised if Kobe Bryant decides to make the same move. After Kobe left fans devastated by his recent retirement bombshell, can we make the same suggestion to him? Let's be honest, the world isn't ready to let go of the Black Mamba yet!

Check out Hollywood's most famous athletes-turned-actors that are MVPs in the studio and on the field in the slideshow above!

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