Going gluten free could boost your brainpower

Going Gluten Free Could Boost Your Brainpower

Stop rolling your eyes when someone says they're gluten free, it could be making them smarter than you!

We've all heard going gluten free may be good for your diet, but it may also be good for your brain. Some go gluten free because they have celiac disease, which gives them a bad reaction that damages their intestine, but the jury's still out on whether gluten has negative effects on people who don't have the disease.

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95 adults in the U.K. were picked to go gluten-free for three weeks, then go back to normal for another three weeks.When they were gluten free, they got fewer cramps and stomach discomfort, but they also picked up a sharper mental focus because they were less fatigued. The researchers think this is an important breakthrough in the study of how gluten affects us, and our brainpower.

They said: 'The fact that they were able to start tasks quicker, concentrate better and think clearer during this time, and felt the need to rest less, all point towards the idea that sensitivity to gluten does exist for some individuals who don't have celiac disease."

As much as we hate to admit it, Gwyneth just may be right about the whole gluten free thing, but if you do it, just say you got the info from us.

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Going gluten free could boost your brainpower

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