6 beauty secrets from the ultimate celebrity glam squad

By The Beauty Experts at L'Oréal Paris

Celebrities know it takes a village to pull off beauty looks worthy of the red carpet. To learn the tricks of the trade, we spoke with the L'Oréal Paris beauty pros primping the likes of Karlie Kloss, Blake Lively, Zoe Saldana and Julianne Moore. Here are six insider tips straight from the pros:

1) Fake Full Lips With the "Royal" Treatment
Sir John told us he learned this trick from Queen Bey: Coat your lips with lipstick, then press them together ever so slightly, letting the bottom lip come over the line of the top lip. This "haze liner" technique is the key to a pouty bee-stung effect. It may take a bit of practice, but he's assured us that once you get it right, it's easy to do every time. -- Sir John

2) Extend the Life of Your Manicure With Rubbing Alcohol
To make your nail color last longer, swipe the nail bed with rubbing alcohol before beginning your base coat or adding polish; this will remove excess oils and dust that average polish removers leave behind. -- Tom Bachik

3) Dewy Skin is the Key to Flawless Contouring
Contour on skin that's still damp from moisturizer and foundation for extra fluidity. -- Sir John

4) Section Your Hair to Create a More Voluminous Ponytail
You'll need to divide your hair into two main sections: a front section (or all of the hair from your hairline to the tips of your ears) and a back section (everything else). Gather the back section into a mid-height ponytail. Next, tease the front section to add volume and then join it with your premade ponytail. -- Mara Roszak

Do you need to see it to believe it? Watch Mara make this voluminous ponytail here.

5) Use Powder as a Lipstick Shield
Keep lipstick from feathering (or bleeding over the lip line) by first layering lip liner, then lipstick, and finally applying a touch of pressed powder around the mouth. -- Sir John

6) Curve Your Strands With a Flatiron
Create natural-looking waves using a flatiron in a scooping motion (we liken the movement to using an ice cream scoop -– forward, then backward). A flatiron, unlike a curling iron, de-frizzes and smooths at the same time. –- Mara Roszak

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