What is David Price's contract with the Boston Red Sox worth?

Finn: Sox Should Pay Price, Not Cueto
Finn: Sox Should Pay Price, Not Cueto

Heading into the Major League Baseball off-season, the big name on the market was starting pitcher David Price. One of the best pitchers of this generation was up for grabs and everyone was waiting to see who would pony up the money for one of the biggest stars in baseball.

Well, as we learned on Tuesday, and maybe to the surprise of none, the winners of this sweepstakes were none other than the Boston Red Sox. Yes, one of the richest teams in the AL East will be walking away with Price's services now, which again, shouldn't come as a huge shock to a lot of people seeing as they not only could afford him, but they need the help desperately in the rotation.

So, with this signing being out in the open now, most are probably wondering just how much dough the Red Sox will be coughing up for Price to be on the mound. Well, according to Ken Rosenthal, the details look a little something like this.

There were very few teams in baseball that could have comfortably afforded a deal like this, and Boston was one of them. They put it all out on the table and now they're in possession of one of the best pitchers in all of baseball.