Is this unique Korean beauty trick the secret to firm skin?

Tips to Make Your Skin Winter Ready
Tips to Make Your Skin Winter Ready

Here's the thing, from buying expensive creams to getting even more expensive treatments, us ladies have tried virtually everything to get our skin looking and feeling right. And frankly, we're sick of it all leading nowhere. It's all getting to be a little too expensive and extremely discouraging.

But not to worry ladies, there might be a silver lining to all our woes after all and SURPRISE -- it's not as hard to obtain as we may think. According to Refinery29, Alicia Yoon of Korean beauty site Peach and Lily revealed that carbonated mineral water and its effervescent advantages may actually be the secret to firmer, plumper skin.

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Yoon explained to Refinery29 that some spas in Korea have used carbonated mineral water to treat skin.

%shareLinks-quote="Sometimes it's soaking the face in this water, or the aesthetician may recommend soaking cotton pads with carbonated mineral water and dabbing them onto the skin after cleansing." type="quote" author="Alicia Yoon" authordesc="Founder of Peach and Lily" isquoteoftheday="false"%

So you might be asking yourself "how does it work?" The mineral water helps keep the cells between collagen fibers strong, assisting in overall firmness and plumpness of skin. "The mineral content mixed with the carbonated water is what is supposed to help deliver the benefits beyond that of mechanical sparkling water cleansing the skin," says Yoon.

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This Korean trick just may be the skin hack we've been searching for in life. And if you want to know how to do it on yourself, Yoon broke it down.

  • Put one part carbonated water and one part mineral water into a clean basin to soak your face in after cleansing

  • Do once or twice a week for effective use

That's all there really is to it! For your next nighttime routine, try out this unique, super simple method.

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