Police: Mom drugged newborn to stop him from crying

CREDIT: Montgomery County Sheriff
CREDIT: Montgomery County Sheriff


A newborn baby in Lexington, Kentucky is in the hospital after police say his mother drugged him to stop him from crying.

Chasity Lewis, 29, gave her 5-day-old son a drug called Suboxone because he was upset, according to the Montgomery County Sheriff.

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The narcotic is used to treat chronic pain as well as Opioid addiction.

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Now, the baby being treated at the NICU unit at UK Hospital and the mother is in jail.

Although he is expected to survive, LEX 18 reports that the Lewis only took the baby to the hospital after her mother pointed out that the boy had been asleep for nearly 14 hours.

The 29-year-old also has five other children that are currently in the custody of their grandmother.

Lewis is currently charged with first degree criminal abuse.

Watch below to learn how suboxone affects the brain:

How Suboxone Affects the Brain
How Suboxone Affects the Brain

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