Man picks girlfriends up from jail in stolen truck

Judging by their tweet, the police department in Tempe, Arizona has a good sense of humor.

Unfortunately for a man who pulled into the department's parking lot in a stolen truck, good humor didn't stop them from putting him behind bars for his crime.

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A Tempe officer with license plate-reading cameras on his vehicle spotted the stolen truck as it was passing in front of Tempe Police Department headquarters on Monday.

To make things even easier for the officers, the driver then pulled right into the parking lot next to their building.

"Right next to the police parking where all our detectives are. It was right below my office, so we ran down and helped take the guy into custody," the department's Lt. Michael Pooley said.

Police said the truck was stolen from a hotel in Phoenix Sunday night. The driver, Miguel Redshirt, told officers he was borrowing the truck, but no evidence was provided to back up that claim.

The best part? "We found out the driver was coming to the jail to pickup his girlfriend, who was arrested last week," Pooley said.

The girlfriend, Lavina Jackson, was arrested after a fight with Redshirt on Thanksgiving.

Both are now in jail, and the truck has been safely returned to its owner.

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