Gators have it out in epic brawl on Florida golf course


Golfers at the Myakka Pines Golf Club in Englewood, Florida encountered some extra hazards on Monday, when two huge alligators climbed out of the water and onto the fairway near the course's fourth hole, engaging in an epic battle.

The larger gator, known to locals as Goliath, isn't shy to the limelight-- he made headlines in March for devouring a small turtle on the same course.

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The parallelism with the biblical story ends at the name, however, as Goliath emerged victorious, while the smaller gator limped back into the water, defeated.

At least this time he chose to pick on something his own size.

Check out the story of an alligator who picked a fight with the wrong little boy:

Boy, 9, Fights Giant Alligator...Wins
Boy, 9, Fights Giant Alligator...Wins

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