Florida woman discovers mold in her breast implants

Screenshot courtesy of WEAR-TV
Screenshot courtesy of WEAR-TV

A Florida woman has learned the hard way that cosmetic surgery is not always "cut and dry."

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It all started back in 2011, when Anne Ziegenhorn of Shalimar, Florida fell dramatically ill. The completely healthy woman strangely started gaining weight, losing her vision and experienced insatiable pain.

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Her mind was so foggy that at one point, Ziegenhorn even began to think she had Alzheimer's. After being misdiagnosed numerous times, Dr. Susan Kolb finally told her that her breast implants were the problem.

According to WEAR-TV, Dr. Kolb, author of "The Naked Truth About Breast Implants," says "she's seeing lots of women with mold in their saline implants, often from defective valves."

After two years of incredible pain, Ziegenhorn believes her life was saved by Dr. Kolb's diagnosis...and the immediate removal of the implants.

We're so glad Ziegenhorn is on the road to recovery!

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