Fergie reveals her New Year's resolution

Josh Duhamel Jokes Son Axl Looks Too Much Like Wife Fergie
Josh Duhamel Jokes Son Axl Looks Too Much Like Wife Fergie


Fergie may seem like she has it all down pat, with a successful music career, incredible husband and adorable son -- not to mention countless side ventures, including five fragrances with Avon -- but the star admits it takes a lot to keep it all together.

"I've gotta be so scheduled and regimented to keep everything together, you know? With Axl and my husband and this album and making sure that everything stays balanced," she opened up to AOL.

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Come 2016, the singer is hoping to turn a leaf.

"I want to just be able to go with the flow a little bit more," she said.

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Part of that means hitting the studio and "finally" releasing her new album, which has been pushed back since her single, "L.A. Love (la la)," which was released in September 2014.

"I had so much fun doing that, and I wanted to come out with the album right after that, but it just wasn't ready because I'm a wife and a mom -- it just takes longer," she said. "Those are both beautiful jobs that I love, but if I want a balanced life, it takes longer to make an album."

In the meantime, the 40-year-old mother has spent some incredible quality time with her little one, 2-year-old Axl Jack Duhamel -- Halloween with her son was one of her biggest "highlights" from 2015.

"He wore at least 10 costumes this year –- one a day, sometimes even more than one a day. He got really into Halloween, and he still every day wants to listen to Halloween songs on YouTube, see trick or treating," she said.

Axl, as it turns out, is a huge fan of YouTube -- and while the tiny tot may have world-famous parents, but his biggest idols are a little more YouTube-niche. Fergie says her son is totally obsessed with YouTube sensations Gabe and Garrett, two brothers whose dad films them trick-or-treating, opening presents and performing skits.

"We're Gabe and Garrett's biggest fans. So if Axl could meet Gabe and Garrett one day, that would be the thrill of his life."

Christmas is also huge for the family, which upholds an annual tradition started by Fergie's mom.

"My mom always would put Christmas carols, holiday music on to decorate the tree, and it sets the mood for the season, and I like to carry on the tradition," Fergie said. "Last year's Christmas was amazing. We had both the grandpas stay the night, and everyone had funny Santa and reindeer hats on, and Axl was just amazed by the whole thing."

In addition to trucks (the toddler's favorite!), Axl may be getting a little sister or brother in the near future. Fergie recently revealed she'd love to have more kids, and she thinks Axl would be a great older brother.

"He loves other kids! He's very social, he loves to play with other kids, he's at the park all the time with new babies, so he gets it," she said.

Fergie and Josh Duhamel Want Another Baby
Fergie and Josh Duhamel Want Another Baby

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