Doctors warn parents about popular item found in baby cribs

Researchers Want Crib Bumpers Banned After Deaths Triple
Researchers Want Crib Bumpers Banned After Deaths Triple

The number of babies who have died from crib bumpers has tripled in the last seven years.

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According to the latest study featured in the Journal of Pediatrics, "the number of deaths attributed to crib bumpers has increased significantly in recent years."

Yellow stuffed animal giraffe in empty baby crib
Yellow stuffed animal giraffe in empty baby crib

The study reveals that in the past seven years, "bumpers caused 48 suffocations, 67% by a bumper alone, not clutter, and 33% by wedgings between a bumper and another objects."

Dr. Brad Thach, study co-author, pediatrician and professor at Washington University in St. Louis, has advocated against crib bumpers for years. Yet, mostly all baby stores continue to sell them.

%shareLinks-quote="You go into any store and you see all these cribs with bumpers and you see where people would assume if they weren't safe, stores wouldn't be selling them." type="quote" author="Dr. Brad Thach" authordesc="CNN" isquoteoftheday="false"%

On the other side of this argument, some parents worry that a lack of protection around the crib could result in the baby bumping their head or getting a limb stuck in between the crib's slats.

The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association, which represents the crib bedding industry, has released the following statement regarding concerns:

%shareLinks-quote="...The ASTM Infant Bedding Standard assist parents in addressing their very real concerns about crib injuries including limb entrapment, head injury. contusions and abrasions." type="quote" author="The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association" authordesc="Via CNN" isquoteoftheday="false"%

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