David Spade takes us back to the origins of Chris Farley's 'Fat guy in a little coat' on 'Conan'

David Spade: Chris Farley and I 'Were Like an Old Married Couple'
David Spade: Chris Farley and I 'Were Like an Old Married Couple'

To say we miss Chris Farley would be a tremendous understatement. The man who brought us everything from the famous Chippendale's dance with Patrick Swayze, to Matt Foley, Farley was never one to disappoint.

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Comedian David Spade, best bud of Chris Farley, stopped by "Conan" Monday night and brought up those amazing Chris Farley stories we all love to hear. In the clip below, Spade elaborates on those backstage antics he shared with Chris Farley and once writer, Conan O'Brien.

Check out the hilarious clip below.

A few months ago, ahead of the "I Am Chris Farley" documentary release, Spade took to Reddit and shared the origins of the beloved "Fat guy in a little coat."

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Want more Chris Farley? Click through the gallery below to see more!

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