21 dogs with more followers than you

Boo's Facebook Page

They've taken over your Instagram feed, and you can't spend a day online without coming across one of their hilarious memes. You might have even spotted their likeness emblazoned on a mug or T-shirt at one of your favorite stores.

Whether it's their undeniable cuteness, their heartwarming story, or a one-in-a-million standout quality, these Internet-famous pooches have amassed legions of adoring fans around the world, creating major buzz. Some of these canines use their celebrity status to lend a helping paw to charity, while others generate sizable revenue streams for their owners. Let's face it: These dogs are probably way more famous than you'll ever be.

Based on our research regarding followers, likes views and estimated income, we've rounded up 21 larger-than-life pups on social media.


Marnie The Dog Facebook Page

This adorable older shih tzu is known for her tongue that perpetually hangs from her mouth. With over 1 million followers on Instagram, she released a Marnie the Dog business solutions app and a book that celebrates her 13th birthday.


Boo's Facebook Page

A viral sensation that blew up the Internet in 2009, Boo the pomeranian has over 17 million likes on Facebook to date. "The Cutest Dog on Earth" brings in a cool $1 million in revenue every year through his book deals, merchandise and as a spokesdog for Virgin America airlines.


Menswear Dog's Facebook Page

Better known as "the Menswear dog," Bodhi can be seen gracing ad campaigns for Brooks Brothers and Coach. His former designer parents quit their day jobs to photograph the pooch full time. The fashionable shiba inu is believed to rake in about $15,000 a month.


Tuna The Dog's Facebook Page

With 1.2 million Instagram followers, Tuna the chiweenie (half chihuahua, half dachshund), who was found dumped by a road, is now a benefactor with a memorable overbite.

With a portion of his merchandise going to the ASPCA, Tuna sells mugs, T-shirts, cell phone covers and has an upcoming book release.

Toast the Toothless Dog

@toastmeetsworld Instagram Account

Rescued from a puppy mill in North Carolina in 2011, Toast has garnered the attention of 322,000 followers on Instagram. The celebrity Cavalier King Charles spaniel has modeled for Karen Walker eyewear, scored a book deal with Harper Collins and took part in a mock wedding fundraiser for The Humane Society.

Manny the Frenchie

Manny The Frenchie's Facebook Page

The affable French bulldog has nearly 900,000 followers on Instagram and 1.4 million likes on Facebook. He's helped raise funds for the ASPCA, the Special Olympics and the French Bulldog Rescue Network, totaling more than $100,000 for charity.


Tillman's Facebook Page

This English bulldog, who passed away earlier this year, held the Guinness Book World Record for the fastest 100 meter on a skateboard by a dog.

He made many fundraising appearances and was the MVP on the Natural Balance Pet Foods NB Extreme Team. He has nearly 400,000 likes on Facebook.


Denver Our Guilty Dog's Facebook Page

Also known as "The Guilty Dog," Denver rose to Internet fame in 2011 when she devoured a bag of cat treats and had shame written all over her face.

The labrador retriever has since scored a children's book deal, "The Adventures of Denver the Guilty Dog," and made appearances on YouTube ads. Her estimated earnings total $4,600 per month.


Mishka the Talking Husky's Facebook Page

This husky became famous for being able to talk, so to speak. Her YouTube video "I Love You" has been viewed over 97 million times. Estimated YouTube earnings for the Siberian husky are a high $9,700 per month.

Digby Van Winkle

Digby Van Winkle's Facebook Page

This Brussels Griffon from Wellington, New Zealand, is often referred to as "Instagram's Coolest Dog."

With 300,000 followers on Instagram and 20,000 likes on Facebook, Digby Van Winkle has charmed his fans with his adorable outfits and for collecting objects in his beard. This pooch has his own Etsy store, which sells items in his likeness such as custom illustrations and canvas prints.

Fifty the 2-Legged Pit Bull

Fifty the 2-legged pit bull!'s Facebook Page

After losing two legs to a police shooting, Fifty is a pit bull rescue out to spread awareness of breed discrimination. With over 300,000 likes on Facebook, this inspiring canine is there to serve the underdog.


Lentil the harelip dog's Facebook Page

Lentil was born with a cleft palate and cleft lip, a life-threatening facial deformity that made it difficult for him to eat. With over 140,000 likes on Facebook, Lentil raised money through a Kickstarter campaign to help children with craniofacial deformities in 2014.


Cooking With Dog's Facebook Page

Francis is the canine co-host on the popular weekly YouTube series "Cooking With Dog." Along with her unnamed Japanese co-host, this poodle has over 1 million YouTube subscribers and rakes in an estimated $10,000 per month through YouTube ads.

Rosie Pig

Rosie Pig's Facebook Page

This spunky canine Internet celebrity from Tulsa, Okla., has won the hearts of legions of fans with her charming antics. An adorable chihuahua that breathes heavily (like a pig), Rosie has over 60 million loops on Vine to date.


Jiff's Facebook Page

Known as "the fastest dog on two paws," the cuddly bear-like pomeranian Jiff broke two world records in 2014: the fastest 10 meter on hind legs and the fastest 5 meter on front paws.

A natural performer, the Los Angeles-based pooch has nearly 2 million Instagram followers and 1.5 million likes on Facebook.

Maru Taro

MARU TARO's Facebook Page

It would virtually require living under a rock not to know the Maru Taro Internet meme. This handsome shiba inu is an international star with over 2 million Instagram followers and hilarious memes, commonly referred to as "doge."

Minnie and Max

Minnie & Max the Pugs' Facebook Page

This pair of pugs love to ham it up for the camera. They've amassed legions of fans with their "Pug Head Tilt" adorableness and YouTube antics. With TV appearances on "The Tonight Show," "Ellen," and "Good Morning America," and over 1 million likes on Facebook, these pugs make an estimated $500 per month on YouTube.

Travis and Gus: The Pointer Brothers

@ifitwags Instagram Page

This duo of do-gooder rescued German shorthair pointer brothers have used their fame to help dog rescue charities. With nearly 200,000 followers on Instagram, the Internet-famous canines have merchandise such as calendars and photo books.


@trotterpup Instagram Page

There is no hat too weird or outfit too outlandish for Trotter the hipster bulldog. This photogenic pooch has over 200,000 followers on Instagram and once partnered with PayPal to raise money for animal shelters.

Maddie on Things

@thiswildidea Instagram Page

This acrobatic coonhound has been known to balance on pretty much anything. The Instagram account of Maddie's photographer owner, Theron Humphrey, has over 1 million followers. This famous canine makes money through prints and her book published with Chronicle Books.

Doug the Pug

Doug The Pug's Facebook Page

This pug hailing from Nashville, Tenn., is unofficially named "The King of Pop Culture." With over 1 million Instagram followers, this celebrity canine has a merchandise store where you can purchase anything from Doug the Pug holiday wrapping paper to tote bags.

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