Genius! A monthly box subscription for women during their 'time of the month'

All the women of the world can agree, PMS is the absolute worst. But now, your pain can be soothed with the latest in monthly box subscriptions.

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The genius idea for a PMS care package comes from Ashton Onesko and Luke Buchy, 19-year-old male friends from Ohio. According to their website, the mission is "comfort delivered to your door, right when you need it most!"

Some may be surprised that this company was started by men, but not to worry...Onesko and Buchy have lots of female support and opinions.

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According to their website, subscribers can choose from three different size packages, ranging from the "mini" for $12.99 a month, to the $34.99 per month "executive" package.

[h/t People]

Here are some of the best natural solutions for your PMS:

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PMS Begone! Watch This for Quick Relief

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