Traditional Christmas foods from all around the world

When it comes to holiday traditions, there are a few things that come to mind -- trick or treating on Halloween, turkey on Thanksgiving and eggnog on Christmas -- plus Mariah Carey's famous Christmas album, of course! There are so many things we absolutely adore about the holidays, and these traditions (plus more) are some of them.

But just as holiday traditions in each family vary, traditions in different places far and wide vary as well. For many Australians, Christmas morning means a breakfast of ham and eggs, then attending church. In Chile, families begin praying 9 days before the actual day of Christmas. We have to say -- learning more and more about holiday traditions around the world has made us extremely interested in what else they do differently over the holidays.

So, we decided to focus on one important holiday in particular, and one important item in particular -- Christmas and food, of course. Take a look at the slideshow above for what foods different countries around the world make to celebrate Christmas each year. Warning: Drooling may occur!

Watch below for more popular foods from around the world:

The Most Popular Foods Around the World (According to Instagram)
The Most Popular Foods Around the World (According to Instagram)

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