This 90s star could be running for president in the near future

Will Smith Announces Plans to Head Into Politics
Will Smith Announces Plans to Head Into Politics

Is the world ready for the Fresh President of DC?

It better be, because according to Will Smith, that is a possibility in the near future.

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According to CBS, the 47-year-old actor hinted about an interest in politics during while on on The Hollywood Reporter's Awards Chatter podcast.

"I'm a climber, so if I see a mountain, I have to climb it. I'm not a camper; I don't like hanging in one place too long," Smith said. "So I think, at this point, I'm elevating my ability to be useful in the world. I think that that's what my grandmother always hoped, that I would make myself useful to people in this lifetime."

%shareLinks-quote="And, you know, as I look at the political landscape, I think that there might be a future out there for me. They might need me out there." type="quote" author="Will Smith" authordesc="" isquoteoftheday="false"%

Smith went on to talk about how recent social issues have spurred him to consider entering politics.

%shareLinks-quote="This is the first year that I've been incensed to a level that I can't sleep, you know? So I'm feeling that at some point, in the near future, I will have to lend my voice to the conversation in a somewhat different way." type="quote" author="Will Smith" authordesc="" isquoteoftheday="false"%

This isn't the only big move for Smith, as the "Parents Just Don't Understand" rapper is reportedly also considering going out on tour with DJ Jazzy Jeff, his friend and longtime collaborator.

"Jeff and I actually have never done a full tour," Smith explained. "I was always on 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,' or I was always making a movie ... So I'm looking this summer to be the first time we go out on a full world tour."

Whether he'll be leading the free world or simply entertaining it, it will be great to see more of Mr. Smith in the coming years.

Children of the 90's, we'd pinch you, but we swear you're not dreaming.

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