The Internet is coming up with more 'stuff Jahlil Okafor did'

Report: Jahlil Okafor Pulled Over in Early November for Reckless Driving
Report: Jahlil Okafor Pulled Over in Early November for Reckless Driving


It's been a rough week for Philadelphia 76ers rookie Jahlil Okafor.

When video emerged of the 19-year-old getting into a scuffle outside of a Boston night spot, the footage looked pretty bad. Not only was Okafor possibly in a venue where alcohol was sold, but he gave in to a heckling fan and got into a physical altercation in plain sight. In the grand scheme of things, neither is a particularly huge deal, but the scenario isn't a great look for the rookie.

But the leaked video seemed to have opened the flood gates.

Since the clip hit TMZ on Thursday, reporters have dug into Okafor's recent past to uncover details surrounding a speeding violation and another scary incident outside a Philadelphia club. Monday, CSN Philly reported that the center attempted to enter a bar using a fake I.D. in late October.

The TMZ video has acted as an open invitation for media members to pile on to the teenager's previously low-profile and minor mistakes. Now, Twitter is getting in on the actions -- although with a heaping dose of sarcasm.

#StuffJahlilDid hit Twitter Monday afternoon, and what came next is just perfect. Take a look at some of the highlights below.

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