Sweet dog was returned to shelter because she was too affectionate

Dog Returned to Shelter for Being Too Affectionate Finds Forever Home

By Troy Frisby

A dog owner is facing blowback online after leaving a sweet pup named Jubilee at an animal shelter for being too affectionate. She was dropped off at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter in Texas because, according to the shelter, her owner said, "She always wants to be by my side."

But there's more to the story. The owner also stated that Jubilee chewed up part of his couch, a baseboard, and a cushion.

While it may sound heartless, dropping Jubilee off at a shelter was the nicest thing this person could do. Because it seems fairly obvious that Jubilee has some anxiety issues, and it sounds like this guy wasn't the right person to help her through it.

Dog returned for being too affectionate
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Sweet dog was returned to shelter because she was too affectionate
Photo credit: Montgomery County Animal Shelter

After a day of people sharing Jubilee's story and calling her former owner every name in the book, she was adopted into a family who is incredibly excited to have her. Jubilee even has a pup sister named Abby, and her new family is going get a trainer to help with her anxiety and settling into her new digs.

Plus, when people showed up to the shelter to find that Jubilee already had a forever home, they ended up adopting other dogs too. So maybe cut her former owner a little slack, Internet, because Jubilee's story has a very happy ending.

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