Ranking the 50 best players who spent their entire careers with one team

After 20 years, five championships and one MVP trophy, Kobe Bryant made it official on Sunday: He's retiring from the NBA in just a few short months.

When he finally does, he'll join a list that few players of this generation are eligible for -- playing an entire career as a member of one team. Despite a brief hiccup in the mid-2000s, Kobe's relationship with the Los Angeles Lakers has lived on harmoniously enough to live on eternally. (Even if Phil Jackson predicted otherwise.)

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Above, we ranked the 50 best players throughout the history of professional sports who went a career without relocating. Naturally, with free agency a prominent factor in modern day sports, today's stars are a little harder to come by on this list.

Kobe Bryant Will Retire At End Of Season
Kobe Bryant Will Retire At End Of Season

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