National Fail League: A look at Week 12's flops

National Fail League: Week 12 Flops
National Fail League: Week 12 Flops

There are plenty of places to get highlights from Sunday's football action, which is why we chose to do something a little different. Instead of posting the best highlights of the weekend, we'll make the biggest fails the topics of discussion.

In what's become a recurring theme this season, officials still can't figure out what's considered a catch these days. The 49ers continued their putrid season by embarrassing themselves a bit more, and to make matters worse: The Browns are in primetime without their main attraction, Johnny Manziel, because he couldn't keep himself out of the club.

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Take a look above at the week's most hilariously depressing fails, and be sure to check out Week 11's edition here if you missed it last week.

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