Month in space: Nov. 2015


The month of November brought many exciting new views of space and with it even more exciting discoveries. NASA's New Horizons spacecraft captured dwarf planet Pluto in images rotating over the course of an entire day, while astronomers elsewhere witnessed the first photos of a planet still in formation, in a discovery expected to shed light on how giant planets manage to beef up early in their lives.

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly shared a series of striking images on social media using the hashtag "#EarthArt" to showcase the planet's beauty in views all over the globe as seen from the International Space Station.


A new photo taken this month by NASA space telescope Chandra showed a group of galaxies named the "Cheshire Cat" looking strangely like a smiling face. The feline features, which are actually distant galaxies whose light has been stretched and bent by the large amounts of mass, served for a pretty comical photo of an "Alice in Wonderland"-esque scene.

Click through the gallery above to see the most incredible space photos from the past four weeks, and be sure to check back next month for our December selection of more astonishing cosmic photography.

New Horizons Captures A Day In The Life Of Pluto And Its Largest Moon Charon
New Horizons Captures A Day In The Life Of Pluto And Its Largest Moon Charon

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