Donald Trump: No one has found 9/11 "cheering" footage because of "ancient technology"

Trump on Rhetoric Towards Muslims
Trump on Rhetoric Towards Muslims

At the end of a long interview on MSNBC's Morning Joe on Monday, Donald Trump claimed that the reason no one's been able to find the footage he says he saw on 9/11 of "thousands and thousands of people" in New Jersey allegedly cheering as the World Trade Center fell is because of the "ancient technology" that was in place in 2001.

"Fourteen, 15 years ago wasn't like it is today where you press a button and play a video," Trump said. "Fourteen, 15 years ago, they don't even put it in files, they destroy half of the stuff. You know if you look back, 14, 15 years, that was like ancient times in terms of cinema and in terms of news and everything else. They don't have the same stuff. Today you can press a button and you can see exactly what went on two years ago. But when you go back 14, 15 years, that's like ancient technology."

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The Republican presidential candidate insisted that someone will find the video and reiterated that he saw and heard about the incident.

He also said, in response to a question from Willie Geist, that the footage he saw wasn't video of "people on the West Bank -; Palestinians -; celebrating on September 11th."

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Watch Trump's full interview below.