Can you handle these ridiculously enormous desserts from around the world?


Do you love a good dessert after dinner (or any meal for that matter)? Well, we've got news for you. No matter how large your sweet tooth may be, or how much you think you can eat in one setting -- there are certain desserts in this world that are simply too big to stomach.

Yes, they're delicious and yes, we want them all like, now -- but we'd be lying if we said there wouldn't be leftovers. But before you think we're talking about your traditional crème brûlée or your typical red velvet cupcake, you're certainly mistaken.

We're talking about desserts that can only encompass one definition: MONSTROUS. Take a look at the slideshow above and prepare to drool after your jaw drops in awe.

Click through below for more yummy desserts:

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