Top 4 tips to doing Cyber Monday right

Cyber Monday Sales to Hit $3B
Cyber Monday Sales to Hit $3B

We all know about the awesome deals Black Friday has to offer, but what about Cyber Monday?

Not everyone has the time or the commitment to battle the crowds on the Friday after Thanksgiving and that's one of the main reasons why Cyber Monday was spawned. You can remove a lot of the hassle of Black Friday shopping and get some of the same great deals by following these simple Cyber Monday tips.

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1. Start With Good Research

Whether you're shopping for Black Friday deals or Cyber Monday steals, you're going to need to do your research. One of the main drawbacks to shopping online is that you can't feel, touch or try the items you're going to buy. So if you have a list in mind, make sure that you go into some stores before hand and take a look in person at the items you want.

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If you don't have time for that, do a good job of combing through the product reviews. has one of the most extensive product review networks. There will often be hundreds of reviews for a single item. These reviews are accessible whether you end up buying the product from Amazon or not so make sure you take a look.

2. Leverage Social Media

On the big day, you should definitely try and take advantage of social networks and your friends. Facebook and Twitter can be great sources of information for all the latest deals and up to the minute information. Make sure to "like" or "follow" your favorite retailers in case they give out any important information during the day.

Alternatively, you could also search hashtags and find posts that may lead to special offers and limited time deals.

3. Shipping & Return Policies

One thing to keep in mind when shopping online (or any day of the year really) is the business' shipping and return policies. Many retailers will offer free shipping one way as long as you buy a minimum amount while others may charge a nominal fee.

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Either way, if you end up having to return the items, you will probably have to pay for the return shipping. One exception is if you buy from a retailer with an online presence and physical store. Generally, you can get free shipping with a minimum purchase from these types of sites and you can return the product in store without having to pay a return shipping fee.

4. Shop Safe

With so much money exchanging virtual hands on Cyber Monday, there is no doubt that online predators and hackers will be out in full force trying to steal your personal information. Make sure that you are extra careful with which sites you visit and who you give your credit card information to.

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Credit cards should also be used in place of debit cards since they tend to offer better fraud protection. If you find yourself making multiple orders, ensure that you save all your order confirmations. Don't assume you'll get an e-mail since some sites may get too overloaded with orders if there's a really great deal. It's up to you to make sure that your orders go through successfully.

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