Britney Spears posted a video tribute to Adele's 'Hello'

Adele Isn't the Only Record-Breaker in Showbiz This Year
Adele Isn't the Only Record-Breaker in Showbiz This Year

Britney Spears is a big fan of Adele's new single, "Hello."

The pop singer proved it by posting a video on Instagram in which she performed multiple spins while the song played. In a dramatic black and white treatment and in slow motion, round and round Spears went.

She also proclaimed in the video post's caption, "I could dance to this song a MILLION times ... love you @adele!"

The video tribute arrived after Adele referred to Spears as "the queen" to NPR.

The British singer was explaining her shock at those who are nervous to meet her – something she felt was more appropriate when one is meeting someone like Spears.

"I find that most people feel quite relaxed around me," Adele said. "I've met a couple that, have been a bit hysterical -- like, uncontrollable shaking and stuff like that. But I'm like, 'C'mon. Stop it. It's just me. I'm not Britney. What're you doing?' "

Then NPR told her that she had sold more records than Spears. That's when she responded, "Britney is the queen."

At any rate, Spears is in good company as official numbers released on Sunday show that Adele's album "25" sold 3.38 units in its first week, the highest amount of album sales in one week ever recorded by Nielsen.

Jimmy, Adele & The Roots Sing "Hello" (W/Classroom Instruments)
Jimmy, Adele & The Roots Sing "Hello" (W/Classroom Instruments)

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