New 'American Idol' promo features Kanye West & Sanjaya: Watch

Kanye Crashes American Idol
Kanye Crashes American Idol

Kanye Westhas joined Sanjaya and William Hungin a new American Idol commercial celebrating what was once a big selling point of the show: the joke contestants.

'American Idol' Will Bring Back Every Original Judge for Final Season, Ryan Seacrest Says

The new commercial looks back once more as Hung tells then judges Simon Cowell, Paula Abduland Randy Jackson that he had "no professional training" -- with Cowell responding, "Noooooo."

Other Cowell-isms ("I think you're amazing ... amazingly dreadful") are relived to the beat of Kelly Clarkson's"Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You") until West walks in the door -- much to current judge Jennifer Lopez'ssurprise.

"What are you doing here?" she asks, before the spot cuts away.

The farewell season of American Idol debuts Jan. 6. Watch the new promo below.

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