Internet craze #condomchallenge is at least encouraging protection for teens

The Condom Challenge Is Pointless and Kind of Dangerous
The Condom Challenge Is Pointless and Kind of Dangerous

Teens have proven their worth, whether they're following in the steps of Malala or receiving great accolades for a philosophical Twitter presence, young people are finding their own way to make their mark and will conquer the world one day.

...And then there are the few who are pulling viral stunts with condoms filled with water.

A new viral trend that has taken shape on Twitter and Instagram through the hashtag "#condomchallenge" is a prank-ish Internet endeavor (read: dropping a literal condom on your friend's head, hoping it doesn't burst), but it also spotlights the importance of using durable protection.

See more examples of the viral trend:

The source of the trend is cited to a YouTube video from Japan that, despite its first-view weirdness, is actually promoting the idea that women should never accept the excuse that a condom is not large enough or doesn't offer enough material strength for a man.

In 2013, a similar trend took hold with the likes of teens pulling condoms out of their noses. This particular Internet trend may not be the most serious, but hey, I guess it's a refresher in sex ed.

Final scoreboard says: Condoms: 1, Teens: 0.

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