The most surprising jobs held by US presidents

New Clues on Pres. Obama's Post-White House


When Barack Obama assumed office, he joined a long list of presidents who had previously been lawyers. In fact, 25 U.S. presidents have had careers in law -- more than any other profession.

However, not all presidents have followed the traditional path to the White House (see: Theodore Roosevelt). InsideGov looked at the former jobs of presidents and found some of the most surprising.

From men's haberdasher to movie star, here are some of the most interesting jobs held by future presidents, listed in chronological order:

#25. Thomas Jefferson

Interesting Job: Ice Cream Scooper

One of President Obama's earliest jobs was working as an ice cream scooper at a Baskin-Robbins in Honolulu. Obama has stated that he lost his taste for ice cream after the job.

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