In honor of the harvest holiday, here's why people love Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a holiday of appreciation, bounty and love. Whether you're spending the fourth Thursday in November with friends, family or Netflix, there are plenty of reasons why it is perhaps the greatest holiday, like, ever.

Several people took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to explain exactly why they love Thanksgiving so very much.

Thanksgiving gives Pi Day a run for its money:
Thanksgiving is the one time where I can feast on pie for an entire day. What a gift.

The harvest holiday gives you the opportunity to experiment in the kitchen:
I volunteered to cook thanksgiving dinner at my house this year and I have no idea how to cook a turkey. Let

Thanksgiving holds a world of tradition, beyond just feasting to no end:
My favorite part of Thanksgiving is the Macys parade. It

It comes with a lot of cozy, warm feelings:
I love thanksgiving! I love to do all the cooking and baking and spend time with the ones who mean the world to me.

An "eat, nap, play, repeat" party sounds like the best kind of party:
My family and I do an entire celebration the day of thanksgiving. Eat, nap, eat again, play games. The party doesn

You've got to be prepared for some turkey fails:
Well...thanksgiving is almost here...time for awkward and embarrassing family moments...

Is it safe to say the aftermath of a Thanksgiving feast is akin to the pain of childbirth?:
I think thanksgiving is the time when men get to feel what it

Can you say 'leftovers sandwich' for Friday's lunch?:
Worst thing about Thanksgiving is the leftovers you have eat for the next 3 days.

The sentiment of Thanksgiving doesn't get riddled with financial loss or gift obligation:
I like thanksgiving more than Christmas. Thanksgiving focuses on being with family. Without the hassle of buying gifts and hoping people like it.

Thanksgiving? More like thanks-eating:
Thanksgiving is the one time of year that I can truly not run out of food before I get full. It

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