Woman celebrates end of probation with party, gets arrested again


When Krystal Kurlowich's probationary period ended for the drug charges she faced, she decided to celebrate.

After telling her mother that she was going out for dinner, Kurlowich, 23, hosted a shindig at a local hotel that included alcohol, marijuana and other drugs as well as several underage friends of hers -- the exact type of behavior that got her in trouble the first time around.

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Sure enough, the party gained some attention from other guests at the hotel, who complained to the authorities about the level of noise coming from Kurlowich's party room. When officers arrived from the county sheriff's office, the celebration was immediately put to an end.

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Kurlowich was consequentially charged with "six counts of contributing to the delinquacy of a minor and one count of possession of drug equipment." One of her six underage guests was also charged with felony possession of a controlled substance.

This was not even Kurlowich's second run-in with the law -- according to her mother, she had faced legal issues "several times before." Since her arrest, Kurlowich has been released and was transferred to a mental health facility where she is being psychologically evaluated.

Kurlovich is not the first to celebrate legal freedom:

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