Watch this adorable dog get terribly upset after his best friend moves to college


If you need any proof that dogs and people make the best friends, look no further.

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Imgur user SAFE4WORK uploaded a video of a dog, but it's not safe for work because odds are, you might let out a tear or two.

The video below shows an adorable Golden Retriever desperately trying not to leave after he had visited his best friend at college.

According to the description, the man pictured in the video below drives 60 miles every week with the dog to visit his daughter at college, and it looks like the dog has a severe case of separation anxiety.

Many are questioning the validity of this video and Imgur users have commented that since you don't see the whole scene take place, they think the dog was grabbing for food, a toy, or maybe it saw a squirrel? But for our sake, let's hope it's real. We need this.

Want more dog cuteness? Check out the video below over another little pup not wanting her owners to leave the house!

Maltese Puppy Doesn't Want Owners to Leave
Maltese Puppy Doesn't Want Owners to Leave

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