Real-life 'nanny diaries': What your nannies are really thinking and doing

Nannies are often the unsung heroes of families who need an extra hand in child rearing. In this day and age, it is not unusual for children to grow up under the supervision of a nanny, whether the reason is because there is only one parent present in the household, or both parents are busy working and simply need more help.

Like any profession, there are ups and downs to being a nanny. One nanny's experiences may cause him or her to rave about the joys of raising children, while another might cause them to set aside any interest in having children of his or her own.

Several nannies took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to explain the unique realities they face in their jobs.

Trying to match the energy of a child can feel endless and exhausting:
I love being a nanny, but sometimes I just need a break from children and there is no time for that.

Being around someone else's family for enough time can give you lessons in how you want to raise your own:

Having an emotional investment in your career can make for sticky professional situations:
As a nanny I hope parents understand that I do care about their child. If I didn

Nannies often get the rewarding feelings that parents may have:

It may be difficult to follow rules other than your own, especially when it comes to children:
The problem with being a nanny is that I wish it were my kid so I could lay down the law. I have no power and it kills me to see bad parenting.

This job can be a great wake up call for people who realize they're not ready to be parents:
Nannying is the best birth control there is. Realizing that I love my single, childless life a lot more than I thought.

What the parents don't know won't hurt them, right?

Like many working people, nannies often can't wait for the day to end:
I love being a nanny. But sometimes I feel like I

It's hard to enjoy the rewarding moments when you know that the child's parents are missing out:

Having such an intimate look into another person's life can often make you wonder about him or her:

Nannies might not feel like their jobs, while unbelievably important, are respected:
I work full time as a nanny. I love those kids so much it sometimes feels like they

You can learn a lot about people by watching how their children act:

Nannies often get the opportunity to offer children a foundational relationship they might not otherwise get:

For more confessions from nannies, check out Whisper.​​​

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