Here are 5 of the worst turkey fails from your Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving FAILS: These People Are Doing It Wrong

Thanksgiving is a time of the year where families gather to share love, kindness and --if everything works out-- great food. The preparation of the turkey is so central to the tradition that every year a myriad of incredible fails are uploaded online by the families that did not have such a good time at their dinners. From ovens on fire and people screaming, to explosive attempts to deep fry the gigantic bird without setting off the whole neighborhood, there is always great material to discuss around the holidays.

Here are some of the worst fails the Internet has to offer:

-This turkey-frying ninja

- These successful tweets

- It looked so good...

- Some mostly alive turkeys

Thanksgiving FAILs
- This compilation of weird Thanksgiving stuff

The Best Thanksgiving Dinner Fails

Here are 30 DIY tricks for Thanksgiving:
30 DIYs for Thanksgiving
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Here are 5 of the worst turkey fails from your Thanksgiving

Simple Fall Wreath

No need to run to the store and buy a store-bought wreath. This Fall Wreath DIY, is unique and fun to craft together with the family.

Photo: Wild Folk Studio

DIY Autumn Scents

Before the scent of Turkey roasting, make sure you have some DIY scents from Hello Natural.

Leaf Apple Pies

This is the perfect recipe for snacking on while partaking in other Thanksgiving festivities. And whether that might include some football or couch potato goodness,we don't judge. The full recipe for these leaf hand pies is here.

Photo: Mark Davidson

Ditch the Vase

Repurpose your gourds as lovely vases for your Thanksgiving decor. Scoop out the inside just like you were making a jack-o-lantern. Just remember to put a smaller vase or jar inside to hold the water.

Photo: Caitlinn Mahar-Daniels /Flowers by Ila Carnes

Herb Wreaths

These cute little wreaths are super easy, and a nice fragrant touch for your holiday meal. Use a little bit of green wire to secure ends and create different shapes. The full tutorial for these DIY Herb Wreaths is here.

Photo: White Loft Studio

Mini Bread Wreaths

Knock the socks off your loved ones with these DIY Mini Bread Wreaths. Forever gone will be the simple bread bowl! This DIY is easy to make ahead and freeze so you won't add too much to your Thanksgiving Day prep.

Photo: White Loft Studio

Pinecone Drink Stirrers

We wouldn't let you host a Thanksgiving meal, without an adorable little addition to add to your cocktail display. These golden pinecone drink stirrers from Hello Natural are the perfect thing to whip up.

Magnolia Napkins

With just a few minutes of time, you can take your plain linen napkins and make them fabulous for a holiday celebration. Read the DIY on these Magnolia Napkins here.

Photo: White Loft Studio

Thankful Placemats

A little kraft paper and some sharpies are all you need to keep conversation going around the dining room table. These DIY placemats from Skies of Parchment also double as a good doodle mat for kids.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

The right floral statement can make all the difference in the world to your guests. Check out the DIY for this rustic and feminine centerpiece.

Photo: White Loft Studio

Golden Banner

This gold DIY garland from A Beautiful Mess is a fun and festive addition for Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving! The gold sparkles bring a sassy element to the table.

DIY Leaf Garland

Before the leaves go away, use the time to create a leaf garland like this one by the Sweetest Occasion. It's a fun family craft, or seasonal decor for your dining room.

Wishbone Placecards

Adding a little bit of good luck and gold to your table is easy with these clay place card holders. Make sure you check out the full DIY post here.

Linen Painted Chargers

You are going to use these DIY Linen Painted Chargers for years to come. The lovely linen texture is as perfect as perfect can be for the Thanksgiving table.

Gilded Pears

In case you are ready to move on from pumpkins and gourds, pears make great centerpieces. A little bit of gold spray paint and a nice platter and you have yourself a gilded centerpiece.

Photo: Jen Dillender

Leftover Pie Printables

Studio DIY has come up with the absolute cutest pie printables! Your loved ones will leave the house in style carrying these DIY doggie bags.

Creative Pie Toppers

Even with a simple pie recipe you can have tons of fun. Check out these creative Pie Topper ideas for some sweet unconventional and festive baking fun.

Photo: White Loft Studio

Handwritten Menu

These handwritten menus are such a pretty addition to your thanksgiving meal. Make just one for the table, or a keepsake for your guests to take home.

Photo: Aaron Delesie Photographer

Personalized Napkins

A two in one, these personalized napkins are place cards as well as a cute addition to your holiday decor. Make them for the whole family, and you will have fun napkins reserved for when they visit your home. Read about the full DIY here.

Photo: White Loft Studio

Give Thanks Banner 

Sometimes we need height in our decor, and a great way to add color and height is a DIY Give Thanks Banner. Read more from the Subtle Revery here.

Monogram Mini Pies

Eat your dessert before dinner with these adorable mini apple pies. The easy monograms put a twist on the usual place card. Check out the tutorial by Merry Brides!

Gourd Candles

If you aren't sure you have space for candles and a gourd centerpiece, Revel Blog has the perfect solution for you! Create these gourd votive holders.

Building a Fall Bar 

Making sure your bar is stocked for autumn guests is key before the holidays. The Fabulous Hostess shows us how to stock the perfect fall bar.

Pink Pumpkin Vases 

Pink? For Thanksgiving? Yup! This DIY Tablescape from Best Day Ever Creative Events for Alicia Fashionista is killer.

Place Setting Bows

With a bit of fun ribbon, like this scrumptious velvet one, you can bring your table settings to the next level. Place the knife, then fork then spoon and tie all three together with a bow. Then fan out the fork and spoon for a lovely little display.

Photo: Brooke Boling

Fall Harvest Table

The Fashionable Hostess has some great tips for setting a Harvest Table. From herbs to gourds and style galore, you will want to check out her tips and tricks.

Conversation Starters 

Dinner parties can sometimes bring new or different people together, to keep the drama or silence to a minimum, try these DIY conversation starters for the table. And bonus, they are also really really pretty decorations.

Photo: White Loft Studio

Kraft Paper Table Setting 

Create these DIY Table Settings with a roll of kraft paper and some paints. A simple circle and cursive name is perfect for a buffet style dinner for Turkey Day.

Photo: Green Apple Photography /Floral Design: Honey of a Thousand Flowers

Fall Sangria

Sangria is not just for summer! Lark and Linen created a Fall Sangria with honeycrisp and cinnamon, that is truly delectable for the holiday season. Easy to make ahead, you will want to make a pitcher for the whole family.

Giving Thanks Printable 

Art is a fun way to transform your home for the season. Check out this DIY printable for an easy golden wreath.

Photo: White Loft Studio


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