Adele performs 'Hello' using classroom instruments on 'Fallon,' further plots world domination

Jimmy, Adele & The Roots Sing "Hello" (W/Classroom Instruments)
Jimmy, Adele & The Roots Sing "Hello" (W/Classroom Instruments)

It's Adele week and we really don't want it to end.

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Monday night, we were graced with the pleasure of watching Adele perform "Water Under the Bridge" on the "Tonight Show," and of course, it was flawless. We also had the opportunity to watch her lie her butt off while playing "Box of Lies." However, this time, she, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots use classroom instruments to play "Hello," and as usual, her voice is breathtaking.

In the video above, Adele joined Fallon and the Roots to play an amazing version of "Hello." Truly showcasing her vocal ability, Adele shined while a small guitar, a banana, and a xylophone played in the background.

See Adele through the years:

We got our first taste of her raw vocals when a leaked version of her "Saturday Night Live" hit the Internet, and it did not disappoint.

Needless to say, we just need Adele to run for President and all will be okay.

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