Woman makes a spelling error, is jailed for attempted murder of her husband

After Jacqueline Patrick, 55, misspelled "dignity," authorities deduced that she was guilty of two attempted murders of her husband, Douglas, 70. Allegedly, the south London woman spiked her husband's Christmas drink with anti-freeze.

When Douglas was rushed to the hospital in December 2013, Patrick gave the ambulance staff a "do not resuscitate" note that she claimed he had written. Upon further investigation of the note, authorities realized that the word "dignity" was misspelled "dignerty." When they asked Patrick to spell the word, she, in a Jinx-esque manner, misspelled it in the same way it was written in the note, indicating that she had forged it.

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The Patricks were married for nearly 30 years and raised two children together, one of whom, Katherine, is also facing jail-time for the attempted murder of her father.

%shareLinks-quote="Katherine Patrick knew and was aware that her mother was intending to administer her father poison and encouraged her knowing she would be endangering his life." type="quote" author="Sam Brown" authordesc="prosecuting lawyer" isquoteoftheday="false"%

Patrick later pleaded guilty to two counts of attempted murder of her husband -- she had also poisoned her husband in October of 2013. She now faces two 15-year sentences, to be served consecutively. Katherine faces three years for her involvement in the scheme.

After the mother's and daughter's cell phones were seized, several incriminating exchanges were found, including "He feels sick again I gave him more delete this," and "I got the stuff I will give him some later delete txt tell no one ok."

After the Christmas 2013 incident, Douglas "spent several days in an induced coma before having to learn to walk and talk again during a year of rehabilitation."

%shareLinks-quote="I will never get over it. It broke me. I'm just a shell now. This was a person I was married to for over 25 years. A person I loved and love." type="quote" author="Douglas Patrick" authordesc="" isquoteoftheday="false"%

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