Trick for making a platform bed out of storage cabinets is the definition of crafty


Have you ever been in the process of moving and thought to yourself, "I need a new bed to go with this new pad?" Or maybe you want new furniture that you don't particularly want to spend the money on but have no clue how to build it yourself?

If you've ever wished you were as crafty as your boyfriend, dad or brother -- news flash, you can be! All you need is to learn the trick of the trade. One man took crafty to a whole new level recently, with a bed that will blow you away. In order to make more space and increase storage, Chris Heider built an entire bed out of IKEA cabinets for his daughters bedroom.

But before you begin thinking you can do this in a flash, you should know he worked extremely hard on the bed as you can see in the video up top. By building it out of cabinets, he not only created more space throughout the room, but more than 70 square feet of open storage beneath the bed, as well.

And all it took was some IKEA kitchen cabinets and wood to make the platform! What a brilliant bedroom hack.

Watch below for more tips on building your own bed:

'Red Hot Design': How to Build Your Own Bed
'Red Hot Design': How to Build Your Own Bed

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