This chapel's dazzling light display is like a journey through outer space

10 Of The World's Most Stunning Religious Buildings
10 Of The World's Most Stunning Religious Buildings

If you've ever dreamed of seeing outer space up close and personal, one chapel in the the U.K. may just be your best bet. As the video above clearly shows, there are some seriously gorgeous religious buildings all over the world, but we have to say, one in particular takes the cake.

King's College Chapel, located in Cambridge, U.K, with make you feel as though you've visited two places at once. Known as one of the most breathtaking chapels in the world, it's a wonderful example of late Gothic design.

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Some may say it's fascinating history dating all the way back to the days of Henry VI is the most astounding part of this chapel, but there's one other thing that just may beat it. Last month, artist Miguel Chevalier transformed the cathedral into a stunning light display during a university fundraiser.

That day, the chapel became a dazzling galaxy far, far away -- plus more! During a typical tour of the chapel, you can see beautiful stained-glass windows and a ceiling that will make you melt. But at the special event -- the walls became forests, a sun scape and of course, a journey through outer space.

You can visit King's College Chapel year-round.

Click through below for more stunning photos of the chapel:

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