5 best sandwiches to make with your Thanksgiving leftovers

5 Best Sandwiches to Make With Your Thanksgiving Leftovers
5 Best Sandwiches to Make With Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

Take your Thanksgiving leftovers out of the tupperware this weekend and turn them into these mouthwatering sandwiches. We promise you won't have any leftovers this time -- they're too good.

1. Waffle Sandwich
Layer some cream cheese, cranberry sauce, arugula and turkey on freshly made waffles to sweeten up your Friday morning breakfast before shopping.

2. Stuffing Sandwich
You're guaranteed to be stuffed after eating this one -- take a dinner roll and pile it high with just about every Thanksgiving side: arugula, brussels sprout, stuffing, gravy and mashed potatoes. Honestly, you can't go wrong.

3. Gravy Grilled Cheese
Make the savory classic a little sweeter with using corn bread as your base. Then add on slices of turkey, gravy and cheddar cheese -- and melt! Yum.

4. Turkey Tostada
This one starts with a crisp tostada and ends with a little spice. Just add mashed potatoes, arugula, cranberry, turkey, corn salsa and a dash of sriracha for a Thanksgiving kick!

5. Sweet Potato Ice Cream Sandwich
Just see if you can resist this treat on Thanksgiving night, let alone the weekend after! Take sweet potato cookies, add some mini marshmallows, ice cream and top it off with brown sugar. Everything you could possibly be looking for.

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