Saks Fifth Avenue celebrates the Holiday Palace on Fifth

Saks Winter Palace Recap 2015
Saks Winter Palace Recap 2015

Last night New York City's Fifth Avenue lit up with a sparkling palace on the facade of Saks Fifth Avenue, and fireworks. Yes, fireworks.

This year the famed store's holiday windows were "Winter Palace" themed, and each window was more sparkly than the last. "It takes us a year to actually think about the planning of all the holiday windows," Executive Vice President Mark Briggs told us, "and whereas last year we had a lovely warm focus, this year we wanted to go for a nice cold, icy focus. Hence why we've designed the Winter Palace on Fifth."

When it comes to planning, design, putting together the windows, and of course the show and performances to celebrate the unveiling, there are hundreds of people involved.

"From start to finish in the Saks family right through to our partners at American Christmas, it could be in the region of up to 300 people involved in just this one project."

When we joked that they'd start planning the 2016 holiday windows next week, Briggs laughed and said, "We'll start tomorrow! We start tomorrow planning next year. That's the joy of what we do -- it's fantastic."

Click through below to see the Saks Fifth Avenue windows, and watch the performance above!

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