Rod Carew is hoping for a new heart

MLB Games to Stream In-Market, but You Still Need Cable
MLB Games to Stream In-Market, but You Still Need Cable

Baseball Hall of Famer Rod Carew opened up with Sports Illustrated about his near-fatal heart attack he suffered playing golf two months ago.

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He has been fitted with a Left Ventricular Assistant Device (LVAD) to aid his failing heart while he waits to hopefully medically qualify for a new one.

Carew's 19-year Hall of Fame career (1967-85) made him one of the most iconic hitters of his generation. His career made him a legend for both the Minnesota Twins and then the California Angels organizations. His career 3,085 hits have made him a pop culture icon. Both the Beastie Boys and Adam Sandler referred to him in two of their biggest songs.

Carew has had his issues with his health in his post-playing career. A longtime user of chewing tobacco seems like it is catching up with him physically. Eleven days before his 70th birthday, Rod Carew suffered his massive heart attack on the golf course, the kind often called "a widow maker." A paramedic nearby had to resuscitate Carew back to life by use of a defibrillator.

Rod Carew does seem to have a ton of fight in him, as he was the fastest person to recover from a LVAD operation. The open-heart medical procedure took over six hours and was out of the hospital on November 5th. Carew suffered his massive heart attack in Corona, California on a sunny Sunday afternoon September 20th. Best of luck to Rod Carew and his family as he continues to recover from his open-heart surgery and that he is able to qualify for a heart transplant.