Philadelphia teen accidentally runs a full marathon

Woman Accidentally Runs a Marathon, Finishes First
Woman Accidentally Runs a Marathon, Finishes First

There are two types of marathon runners: Those who spend years training for the event, and those, like the woman above, who unintentionally just dive right in.

Teenager Evan Megoulas became a part of the second category on Sunday when he, along with thousands of fellow runners, set out to run 13.1 miles in the GORE-TEX Philadelphia Half Marathon.

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Evan's whole family, including his brother Peter, were even waiting at the finish line to cheer him on as he completed the race. But when every other runner finished the race except Evan, who is a runner on the Palmyra High School Cross Country Team in Lebanon County, they knew something was wrong.

Worried that something may have happened, Peter reached out to Sergeant Phil McAlorum from the Philadelphia Police Department's 9th district. After circulating the photo to officers in the area, Evan was found where you'd least (or maybe most) expect: He had taken a wrong turn and was still running.

By that time, he was on his second leg of a full 26.2 mile marathon.

It is reported that 18th District Officers Clarence Mason and Eric Leary caught up with the teenager in Manayunk, where upon learning of his mistake, Evan told the officers that he still wanted to run.

Not wanting to stop him, they followed him back to the Philadelphia Museum of Art-- biking at least 6 miles by his side-- to make sure he was okay.

Peter says after the race, all of the officers insisted on getting pictures with Evan and congratulating him on his unexpected success.

For what it's worth, his accidental time was 5:23:11, something most of us probably couldn't even do on purpose.

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