People reveal what it's really like to be in an unfaithful marriage

Being cheated on can be a visceral, heartbreaking experience that leads to the reevaluation of yourself, your relationship and maybe even your current life as a whole.

While it seems natural to view the person being cheated on as the victim, it often goes unrecognized that both partners involved in the infidelity might be dealing with deeper emotional issues. Whether you're questioning the love you have for your significant other or considering your feelings for your extramarital partner, breaching the commitment you made to someone you care about is a hard journey to take.

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Several people took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to confess what it's really like to be part of an unfaithful marriage.

Logic and emotion don't necessarily run in the same crowd:
I cheat on my husband. I don

Once you indulge in something, it is hard to stop:
I cheated on my husband and felt horrible about it afterwards. But not horrible enough to not to do it again.

Infidelity doesn't exclusively happen in long-term relationships:
I cheated on my wife after being married for only months. I never really wanted to get married in the first place, but it seemed like the thing to do after so many years.

Is the expression "cheaters never change" valid, or is it possible to move on after infidelity?
 I cheated on my wife, I

Monogamy isn't for everyone:
Sometimes I cheat on my wife. When I finally told her she said lets have an open marriage.

Revenge is a dish best served cold:
I cheated on my husband because he made a big deal about my weight.

Sometimes, wanting to move on isn't enough to actually move on:
I cheated on my husband nearly a year ago. He still loves me. I still love him. But will there ever be trust again? Or do we part ways?

Losing your partner can make self-rediscovery feel necessary:
I cheated on my wife She

Infidelity might be a physical craving, rather than an emotional indulgence:
I cheat on my husband every chance I get... I don

Sometimes, you and your partner aren't the only people who will be affected by your relationship ending:
I cheated on my husband a long time ago but i am still deeply in love with the other man. I just couldn

Being dissatisfied in your committed relationship might lead you to seek self-reaffirmation elsewhere:
I cheat on my wife because she doesn

Breaking a promise to your spouse and being a good person aren't mutually exclusive:
I cheat on my wife all the time but I also give to charity and help people in need. Figure that makes me karma neutral

Across-the-board infidelity can make it a messy process to figure out how you really feel:
My wife cheated on me I cheated on my wife. Now we are divorcing and living with new partners. I still love my wife .

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