NFL player's random act of kindness towards family goes viral

Angelica Yeager wasn't expecting much when she took her four children and husband to shop at Target in Newport, Kent. on Monday night.

%shareLinks-quote="That was until she and her family encountered Cincinnati Bengal Wallace Gilberry while walking through the aisles of the store. " type="spreadWord"%

The mother of four told FOX19 that the defensive end stopped Yeager's husband and asked if he could buy their gifts, saying, "I want to bless you and your family tonight."

Gilberry bestowed the family with a Playstation 4 and an assortment of video games for the children, which was on their wish list.

The heartwarming moment took everyone by surprise. An Instagram user who snapped a pic of the touching act, wrote that the mother was moved to tears:

I saw Wallace walking in the store with these kids and dad chasing after him. When I walked by a few mins later, I heard the dad and kids going crazy. Later when he walked by I told him that was a bad ass move. He said thanks, "everyone needs to be blessed."

The Yeager family could not be more grateful.

%shareLinks-quote="Regardless of if he's a Bengals player or not, the act he did, he's a great human for that." type="quote" author="Angelica Yeager" authordesc="Mother" isquoteoftheday="false"%

The mother of four says the family is going to take the NFL player's lesson to heart and pay it forward this holiday season.

Check out this college football player who gave one little girl a very special birthday surprise:

VIRAL: Purdue Football Player Buys Little Girl Surprise Birthday Gift
VIRAL: Purdue Football Player Buys Little Girl Surprise Birthday Gift

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