Minnesota Wild release Stadium Series jersey (Photo)

NHL's Fun Shift to 3-on-3 All-Star
NHL's Fun Shift to 3-on-3 All-Star

On February 21st 2016, the Minnesota Wild and Chicago Blackhawks will square off at TCF Bank Stadium (home of the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers) in one of the 2016 Stadium Series outdoor NHL games. Each team that plays in an outdoor game wears a special jersey to commemorate the event (and to make more money off jersey sales). The Wild have released a photo of the jerseys they will wear during the game.

The Wild took a far more conservative approach to their Stadium series jersey than the Blackhawks did. The Blackhawks clearly put a lot of time and effort when they were designing their jerseys. Lots of symbolism, but they didn't overdo it. Simple, but classy. The Wild went the safe route.

The Minnesota Wild's color scheme is still the same for this jersey. The primary green is nice, but they could have at least gone with their secondary red color to change it up a bit. The "State of Hockey" patch that they added is probably the best thing about this jersey. It's not as cool as what the Blackhawks did, but it's a nice touch that doesn't clog up the sweater. The Wild went with a beige shoulder, which doesn't match with the green like the red does. It's better than the Detroit Red Wings jersey, but that's honestly not saying much.

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The Minnesota Wild's Stadium Series jersey is fine. It's just not different enough to warrant buying it. But if given the opportunity to go bold or stay "safe" when designing a special hockey sweater that you'll likely only wear once, at least make it something memorable like the Blackhawks did. But at least it's not memorable for all the wrong reasons like the Red Wings Stadium Series jersey is.

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