Meet pizza rat's narcissistic cousin, selfie rat

Selfie-Taking Rat Startles Man Passed Out at Subway Stop
Selfie-Taking Rat Startles Man Passed Out at Subway Stop

Just two short months after the Internet exploded with news of a hulk-strength rat who managed to drag an entire slice of pizza down a flight of subway stairs, history seems to be repeating itself.

Our newest feral rodent celebrity is selfie-rat, and no, you didn't read that wrong.

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An out-of-town visitor, Don Richards, and his friend told FOX61 they were waiting for a train at the President Street station in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn this weekend, when they saw a rat crawling around near a man who had passed out on the platform. Naturally, Richards pulled out his camera to record it.

In Richard's video, we can see the rat crawl onto an unnamed sleeping man's lap, where his cellphone was resting. The rat then somehow causes the man's cellphone to take a picture with the flash on, which alerts the man to his situation, causing him to jump up in horror.

After the incident, the sleeping man began talking to Richards, and, after reviewing both the the picture and video, they realized in disbelief the rat had clearly climbed onto the sleeping man's lap and taken selfie.

In this year alone, rats have proven themselves to be pizza fanatics, selfie takers, and dog lovers. Maybe we need to reconsider who are closest human relatives really are.

Check out this hilarious pizza rat prank:

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