LeBron's mustache game is stronger than ever (Photo)

LeBron Feels Fine, No Hard Feelings Toward Oladipo
LeBron Feels Fine, No Hard Feelings Toward Oladipo

"Movember" has quickly become one of the best growing traditions in sports.

With everyone sporting a mustache for a good cause, it puts some of the best mustaches on display. That's why it's only fitting that Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James has a mustache game that is on point.

For week's everyone has been marveling at the mustache of LeBron James. Now it appears that his mustache game is reaching peak levels after James posted a picture of the current state of his mustache on Instagram.

Just look at the hair on that upper lip. The curls at the end would make any former MLB pitcher proud. That's not just a mustache, that is the mustache of an NBA MVP, who is bent on taking his team back to the NBA Finals.

That is the mustache of man that makes grown men scared as he drives the lane. For all intents and purposes, LeBron James should really just keep this mustache, because it is fantastic. It's fitting he used the hashtag, strive for greatness, because that's exactly what his mustache is. Greatness.

Is there anyone currently in the NBA that can boast a better mustache than LeBron? Probably not.

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