Ellen DeGeneres mashes up Hillary Clinton, Ariana Grande in booty-smacking clip (Video)

Hillary Clinton Dances With Ellen DeGeneres, Amy Schumer
Hillary Clinton Dances With Ellen DeGeneres, Amy Schumer

Ellen DeGeneres created a new video mashup featuring Hillary Clinton and Ariana Grande in a parody of the singer's song "Focus."

"Recently I showed you a totally real Bernie Sanders campaign video where he danced to that song ['Hotling Bling']," DeGeneres said. "Totally real, and after we showed that really really real video that we made, I told Hillary that it was her move. Then Ariana Grande released this video."

DeGeneres then played a clip of "Focus" featuring a superimposed Clinton showing off some booty-smacking dance moves alongside Grande.

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Decked out in a star-covered pant suit, Clinton struts her stuff in the video and even manages to snap a selfie or two for good measure.

Watch the video.

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