Cleveland Browns comment on latest Johnny Manziel party video

Video Surfaces of Johnny Manziel Partying Reportedly During Bye Week
Video Surfaces of Johnny Manziel Partying Reportedly During Bye Week

Cleveland Browns Quarterback Johnny Manziel told his team that he planned to spend his bye week relaxing. Apparently to Manziel relaxing means going on a party spree in Austin, Texas that included Dom Perignon and a visit to a local DJ Booth. His head coach Mike Pettine is not amused.

Pettine expressed his displeasure by characterizing Manziel's bye week behavior as"very" disappointing. Reports are that those in the organization are becoming continually concerned with the pattern of Manizel missteps. Pettine, wisely told reporters that he'd like to avoid a knee jerk reaction to the situation but refused to commit to starting Manziel next Monday versus the Ravens.

You have to wonder how much embarrassment the Browns are going to take from their mercurial quarterback. He's gone to rehab, argued on the side of the road with his girlfriend and now been caught in compromising photos all in the span of a couple of months. It's not a good look for the man who is supposed to be the leader of your football team.

One of the strangest aspects of the story is that Manziel's latest escapades took place in Austin of all places. You wouldn't think the pride of Texas A&M would be overly welcome in the city that calls the University of Texas home. Instead, he is seemingly embraced everywhere because of his party lifestyle. Strangely, I'd feel a lot better about Manziel if these photos had surfaced from a bar in College Station.

See photos of Johnny Manziel:

It's not as if Manziel's play justifies all of the distraction off the field either. There are still significant concerns about whether or not he can be an NFL starting quarterback. Perhaps if he were performing like Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers the Browns could ignore these antics, but when you're playing like Manziel you should try to do everything perfectly off the field.

As it is, Manziel is a questionable talent with a highly questionable record of increasingly poor decisions. The Browns seem like they're getting fed up. Think about when you got into a lot of trouble as a kid. When your parents took the time to lecture you then you knew they were still invested and not terribly upset.

The times when you knew the boom was about to be lowered was when your parents got very quiet. The Browns brass has gotten eerily silent when it comes to Manziel. Sounds to me like an organization that's about to lower the boom on its problem child QB.

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