Someone invented a bed sheet for college students that never needs to be washed

Study Finds Clean Sheets Are A Huge Turn-On For Women
Study Finds Clean Sheets Are A Huge Turn-On For Women

What if you never had to wash your sheets again?

Maxwell Cohen, founder of Afresheet, came up with an invention that he believes is essential in every college dorm room — a bed sheet that peels away in layers and never needs to be washed.

Afresheet consists of seven layers. When one layer gets dirty, you peel it back for a fresh, new sheet.

It's available for a twin XL and regular twin-size mattresses and costs $29.95.

Cohen is marketing to college students because he believes they have a history of not changing sheets for several months at a time.

Check out the Forbes top colleges of 2015:

Cohen appeared Shark Tank, a competition show where entrepreneurs compete for funding from business experts, on November 13. He didn't secure an investment because judges on the show felt he was marketing to the wrong audience.

His pitch included an example where a person literally spilled liquid on the sheet and it didn't seep through the layers.

But what about the softness of the sheet?

"We aren't comparing to Egyptian cotton," Cohen said on the show. "We're here for practicality and convenience."

The sharks also didn't think the sheets were comfortable enough.

"It's sort of like paper because I just poked my finger through it..." said Lori Greiner when feeling the product on the show.

Yet on the brand's website, there's a quote from Martha Stewart saying "The Afresheet is Super Soft".


Shark Tank

So who do we believe?

While it seems like a practical idea, viewers of the show seemed be on board.

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